Carpet Fix #1 Pattern carpet repair expert in Calgary

bleached pattern carpet repair

Here is a fine example of a difficult pattern carpet repair. A chemical was spilled on the carpet, which created a permanent scar. The owner was very careful and didn’t scrub the area to get rid off the chemical. We see it quite often, as a first reaction, people scrub off the area, which creates […]

What to do after spilling bleach on the carpet?

bleach mark removal

Here are some pictures for this kind of repairs. We are specialized in carpet repairs and bleach stain repair, so if you have any issues and some extra carpet, we will do our best to fix it. What is the process like fixing a bleach stain repair mark It works like this. You supply the […]

How do I remove several bleach marks from the carpet?

bleach mark

I  had to swap those bleach mark areas with some pieces from the closet. Several bleach mark could be removed from the carpet by cutting them out and installing new pieces. The carpet should be supplied by the owner. In the case of no carpet, carpet could be taken from the closet and replacing the […]

Best Berber snag repairs in Calgary is

calgary carpet repair services for berber snags

Problem In this case the seam was done poorly and the threads were caught up with the vacuum.  Creating an eye sore, and devalued the home. At some point they were thinking replacing the carpet. Solution They had lots of carpet leftovers from the installation. We were able to cut the damaged area and replaced […]

Fixing a Fix attempted by a non professional

fixing a fix

We were called to fix a fix attempt by a non professional. Previous job wasn’t done with the right materials, and was more like a temporary job. This time it was done right, a bit more accurate and permanent… If you ever tried to fix a carpet, you might know what it feels like. Without […]

How do you repair Berber Carpet damages done by a pet

dog damage

Here is an example of a badly damaged berber type carpet. Before and after pictures will show you the expected results from my work. Berber type carpet could be very difficult to repair and the reason is it’s being flat and cross cuts always makes it visible. That is why you might see some scar […]

How to fix burnt carpet from an iron or heat lamp?

iron burn on berber carpet

If the burn damage is significant, do not waste your time trying to solve the problem with chemicals or trimming it. Carpet needs to be patched at this point A classic iron burn repair. The iron was dropped on the carpet by mistake, and make it’s mark on the carpet right away. W had to […]

How do we repair dog damaged berber carpet

carpet repair due to a pet damage

The dog was left home alone. So he went and did what a dog would do, play with the carpet. Luckily they had some left over carpet from the installation, which they’ve kept. We were able to cut the damaged area clean, and insert the new piece in. It was a seamless transition. Home owner […]