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Precision is a word we don’t take lightly at If you’re looking for the best repairs possible, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our photos… they can’t lie. It’s all made possible to our years of experience,  patience and to our meticulous attention to details.

Providing solutions for carpet repairs, pet damages, carpet stretching, squeaky floors under the carpet, carpet kicker, real estate sales before or after possession carpet related issues, basement flood issues and many more carpet related issues.

Do you have any carpet issues regarding to the following items, Please call me

  • Carpet stretching with power stretchers (we have 4 different kinds)
  • Pet Damage
  • Water damage
  • Burn marks ( Iron, Hookah, Cigarette burn, Acid or chemical burn )
  • Underlay replacement ( We will supply high quality 11mm underlay )
  • Seam issues
  • Carpet Installation Limited ( you supply the carpet, we do the install, price is per room )
  • Carpet replacement in rooms
  • Carpet filling after removal of walls in between rooms
  • Basement tack strip installations
  • Seam repair and seaming carpet together
  • Carpeting stairs
  • Patch work ( putting it together where carpet is in bits and pieces )
  • Carpet kick ( this is an old term for stretching )
  • Carpet Installation on stairs
  • Carpet stretch and putting it together after a basement flood

Carpet Repair Pet Damage Examples

extreme dog damage
a dog tried to escape
pet damage
pattern carpet repair
pet damage
pet damage examples
extreme dog damaged carpet
carpet repair examples
cat damage berber carpet stairs
dog damage and repair examples
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Carpet Stretching Examples

carpet stretch in a condo
extreme bubble in hallway
room is totally empty
bedroom work around with furniture
Power stretcher to stretch rooms
hallway carpet stretch
carpet stretching on stairs
super flat carpet stretch
extreme bubble removal process
extreme bubbles are gone
carpet re-stretching examples
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I do this full time, your job will be done the same day or next day. I am professional and reliable, and will work within your constraints. I always stay on the job until it’s done to your satisfaction.

A library of examples have been created for you, all from the actual job sites. Please take a look at those examples, as yours will fall into one of those categories.

Expect the results similar to the ones in the pictures. So when you are ready, just send me an e-mail with couple of pictures, and I assure you will get an answer.

Thank you

Brent Tezcan

😀Making an appointment or getting an Online free Quote has never been easier. Just send me a text or an email with some pictures and a description for the repair job I will get back to you ASAP.

carpet repair stretch pet damage
carpet repair stretch pet damage

Carpet repair, stretching, repairing bubbles, wrinkles, basement flood issues, pet damages for Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, Cochrane area. We repair all sorts of stain marks, burn marks, berber snags.


Hot pan versus carpet

You are in rush because your hands are burning. You realized you won’t be able to make it to the balcony to put the hot pan, so you let go and put it on the carpet. Now You have two burns. Your hands and your … Continue readingHot pan versus carpet

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Carpet Restoration Examples

Here is a fine example of carpet restoration. This job required to take the clean parts of the living room carpet, and restore it for the second floor hallway. It required extensive cutting and patching the hallway.

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