Here is a fine example of a difficult pattern carpet repair. A chemical was spilled on the carpet, which created a permanent scar. The owner was very careful and didn’t scrub the area to get rid off the chemical. We see it quite often, as a first reaction, people scrub off the area, which creates a more mess. This also requires more carpet to patch the damaged area.

How did you repair that spot?

The owner had the identical carpet from the original installation. We carefully checked the pattern and matched it from the left over piece. Took us some time to find the right spot of pattern from the other carpet. We carry quality seaming tape and other bonding tools, which many so called experts do not even aware of. Once the damaged area is cut, we cut a matching pattern from the extra piece. Then carefully insert the piece inside the cut off area and bond the piece to the carpet. The patch becomes a permanent piece of the original carpet.

How much does it cost to do the repair?

We can give you the pricing once you send us the pictures. It is important to tell us, if you have the exact carpet or will it be taken from a closet corner. All of the above effects the pricing. Please do not insist to receive a price over the phone, without us seeing any pictures. This is simply impossible. You can get different quotes from different people, but not all work is the same. Plus this is a service industry, so pricing varies.

We would like to book you in or get a quote. How do we proceed?

Please send us the damaged area pictures. Please let us know if you have the extra carpet. We will get back to you right away. Unless we are on holidays.

Please contact us for any questions or requests