Pet Damage

carpetfix carpet repairs pet damage

Any physical pet damage repairs require some sort of cutting and repairing that section. Things needed for pet damaged carpet repairs This requires some identical extra carpet, which could be found in your furnace room, or in the garage. Please check your house to make sure you have the extra carpet. Most people have some […]

Pet damaged stair repairs from #1 shop in Calgary

best of calgary carpet repairs and pet damaged torn carpet repair

In this example, pet damaged stair by cats destroyed couple of stairs in this house. The damage was extensive, and they had a lot of extra carpet.  We had to replace 3 steps, and the damages were gone. Our promise to repair pet damaged stair We will reduce the stress they might caused. Just give […]

How do you repair Berber Carpet damages done by a pet

dog damage

Here is an example of a badly damaged berber type carpet. Before and after pictures will show you the expected results from my work. Berber type carpet could be very difficult to repair and the reason is it’s being flat and cross cuts always makes it visible. That is why you might see some scar […]

How to fix damaged carpet in the middle of the room

Damaged area

We got a call to repair this damaged carpet. Somehow the carpet got damaged, We had to cut the area and put the new piece in. The process of fixing damages in the middle of a room It is very difficult to cut the carpet and make a perfect seam, especially in the middle of […]

Stairs damaged by a cat and repairs are done by

cat damage repair

Here are some examples of carpet repairs, due to cat damage. Cats are great pets, they do not require constant attention, unless they get so board and start playing with your most expensive item on the floor. Your carpet. How do we approach those damages You can give your cat to someone who has only […]

How do we repair low pile berber carpet

dog damage carpet around transition area

Low pile berber repair, someone told the owner this can’t be done…. We were able to help the home owner. We pulled some off the linen closet and repaired the damaged area. We had some similar carpet for the closet and repaired the closet corner as well. Happy customer, happy business.

How do we repair dog damaged berber carpet

carpet repair due to a pet damage

The dog was left home alone. So he went and did what a dog would do, play with the carpet. Luckily they had some left over carpet from the installation, which they’ve kept. We were able to cut the damaged area clean, and insert the new piece in. It was a seamless transition. Home owner […]