How to restore color after a bleach mark?

bleach mark removal process

If you spilled bleach on the carpet, it is pretty much done. You can not remove this chemical off the carpet after the bleach mark. So it has to be cut out, and put a new piece in. I do not want the carpet to be cut out. What are my options? You can get […]

What to do after spilling bleach on the carpet?

bleach mark removal

Here are some pictures for this kind of repairs. We are specialized in carpet repairs and bleach stain repair, so if you have any issues and some extra carpet, we will do our best to fix it. What is the process like fixing a bleach stain repair mark It works like this. You supply the […]

How do I remove several bleach marks from the carpet?

bleach mark

I  had to swap those bleach mark areas with some pieces from the closet. Several bleach mark could be removed from the carpet by cutting them out and installing new pieces. The carpet should be supplied by the owner. In the case of no carpet, carpet could be taken from the closet and replacing the […]

How did we achieve such an expertise here at carpetfix?

carpet cleaning damage repair

This came from many years of repeated exercise of cutting and seaming very different types of carpet. You can try different techniques to fix it Sometimes trying to clean a carpet, does not give us the expected results. If you rub on the carpet too much, it will create a damage. In those cases, the […]