After receiving so many emails and text messages, we have gathered some information as how to answer some of the common questions.

Why do you need pictures and the neighborhood?

We get lots of emails and text messages. If we could see the problem and know your location, we could save time writing back and forth and could give you the quote and an estimated time frame for the repair. If the technician is going to be in your neighborhood, they could schedule the repair with the other jobs in the same area, which will give you a faster service.

Carpet Stretching related Q&A

Do I need to clean my carpet before or after the stretch?

Generally after the stretch. Reason is, if the carpet has lots of wrinkles, it can not be cleaned properly with all the wrinkles, also the wrinkles collet lots of grease and dirt. Let them flatten out, and do the cleaning later.

I just cleaned my carpet today, can you come and stretch it?

No, we can not. Carpet is wet and needs to be dried completely. Trying to stretch the carpet when it is wet, will damage it. Call us in 2 days or so after the carpet is totally dry.

I have a small bubble, wrinkle just in front of the doorway. It is a 5min job. How Much?

If you have a bubble in the room, it is an indication of a general installation problem. We can not fix it with just a kick or two. Besides we only use power stretcher for stretching. We do it as a permanent solution. Carpet needs to be lifted from two or three sides of the walls and needs to be stretched properly. In some cases, we have to cut it, and seam it after the excess carpet cut off.

Do you fix a loose carpet?

Yes we do. What we need is an empty room. Of course, not every room can be emptied, but we are looking for %50 or more vacant space in the room, so the technician can work around.

Does vacuuming damage carpet? Is Dyson really bad?

A good stretched carpet will not get effected with any vacuuming. In recent years, Calgary has seen a rapid growth, and as a result anybody can hold a knee kicker became a carpet installer. Home builders started accusing vacuums, especially Dyson. The reality was the installation quality, carpet not being stretched properly was the result of carpet wrinkles.

What is the warranty on the carpet stretch

We do stretch the carpet with a Power Stretcher. Theoretically, it should never bubble again, because carpet is stretched to the limit. Warranty is limited to 3 months, this is due to the nature of the handle and care of the carpet. If the carpet is cleaned in a very wet way, or if heavy furniture or pool table were dragged (or a piano) it will create a bubble. If you provide me an empty room, carpet will be stretched to the limit, which it will never bubble or wrinkle again.

General repairs and burnt carpet related Q&A

I burnt the carpet. Is it repairable? I don’t have any extra carpet.

Carpet is either nylon or polyester. In some cases it is wool. But the thing is those materials melt with the heat. Once it melted, it is done for life. You either supply some carpet, or give us enough piece from a closet. Than we can cut out the piece and put the new piece in.

Can you repair a section of the carpet?

If there is a small area of damage on the carpet, we can patch the area with an identical piece supplied by you. Either you have the extra carpet, or we can take it from a closet corner. Damaged area will be cut out and the new piece will be bonded to the floor carpet with a seam tape.

I have a very generic carpet. Needs some patch work. It is a generic style and color. I don’t have any extra, can you match it?

There is no such a thing as generic carpet. Each carpet has a dye lot number and a brand and a color code. I can not get you the same carpet, unless you have all the information. In that case, you could order it from the carpet store.

Is patched carpet noticeable?

As far as the seam work, the seam could be slightly noticeable to invisible depending on the carpet, it’s age, it’s current condition, the donor piece, color, sun fade, high traffic, spilled chemical area, light source, carpet pile. As you can see, the variables are far too many. So all we can say, we will do our best to make it happen.

What is the best way to replace a patch of carpet?

We will need slightly bigger piece than the damaged area. The direction of the carpet will be determined and patched accordingly.

How do you fix a small section of carpet?

We cut out the damaged area and replace the section with a donor piece.

Can I use gorilla glue or staples to hold down ripped carpet?

Yes you can use whatever you want. But it is not the correct way, and you will not achieve the same results as we do. We will bond the carpet together with a special bonding tape and proper tools, which you can not rent or own.

Why is my carpet falling apart?

Frequent friction and high traffic could be one reason. A chair with wheels, chemical spill or extensive rub to clean the carpet could be the other reason. In some rare cases, the installers fault. Especially, if they seamed the carpet with the old style hot iron, you will get separation from the seam area. If you look at the carpet, the backing will be separating also called de lamination

What are unacceptable carpet seams?

If the seam is not fitted together well it is not acceptable. If there is a gap in between, more than 2mm, this will create a gap, and will be visible to the naked eye. If the patch is done and there is no gap in between, this could be a normal thing, as the two carpets might not blend seamlessly

What are the signs of bad carpet installation?

Loose seams, seams coming apart in a year time, rippling, uneven surface, some materials under the carpet. In some rare situations carpet might seem different in a large room. This is due to carpet was installed in two pieces and one piece is not in the same direction as the other one.

I have an area rug. Can you repair it, or bind the edges?

No I can not help you with that. I do not have the sewing machine for that kind of job.

What is the warranty like for the repairs?

Two years

Bleached carpet related Q&A

I spilled some bleach on the carpet, could you please help?

What is bleach? It is a powerful oxidizing agent, it is able to oxidize chemical bonds not only in stains on your clothing, but also in the dyes that give the clothing its color. So once it is on the carpet, it has done the damage, and in most cases it is not reversible. Even if you try dying it again. I need to cut out the area, and put a new piece in, assuming you have enough carpet for the patch.

Do you dye carpet?

No we don’t. If you want your carpet to be dyed, please google it and there are companies to choose from.

Are bleach stains permanent on carpet?

Unfortunately bleach stripes out the color of the carpet, so the bleach stain is going to be permanent and the remedy therefore is patching the area with a new piece of carpet. You can always try to naturalize the bleach and try re-dye the carpet again.

We have tried dying the carpet and now it looks a different color. Can you fix this?

Yes we can fix it. Either you provide us an identical carpet from the original installation, or we can take a piece from the closet corner to patch the damaged area. This is the last resort.

Can you fix discoloration on carpet?

You can try spot cleaning, stain remover or professional carpet cleaner. If all above fails, there is only one solution, which is replacing the area with a similar carpet also called patching.

How do you restore discolored carpet?

If you search the internet, some websites recommend using baking soda, vinegar or even shaving cream. We do not try those things. We just replace the area with a new piece.

Are carpet stains permanent?

Stains come in all different forms and shapes. Yes some are permanent. You can call your best local carpet cleaning company, and they might be able to help you with that. If all fails, we can patch the area.

General Questions

Do you clean carpet?


Do you supply carpet?

No. I only supply underlay. However I might have small pieces for small repairs. Availability and color varies. If you are looking to get a carpet contact Deerfoot Carpet

I need an official quote. Could you please send it to my email address?

Gladly….Please send $100 as an e-transfer, and you will receive your quote. Once the job is done, $100 will be deducted from the total.

Do you fix squeaky floors?

We do not fix the floor squeaks any more ourselves. How ever, we can lift up the carpet, cut it if needs to be cut, and put everything back together again.

I will give you my tenant’s information, please arrange the repairs with them

We do not contact the tenants or arrange anything in that sense. As a landlord, you can do all those. We also need confirmation, once the job is done and the payment.

The payment is due when the work is done, either you can pay upfront, or let your tenant pay for it. I do not do any work if there is no one to check the job and pay when the work is done.

Here are some guidelines as how to take a picture of the problem areas.

If you are requesting a quote for a stretch job, I do not need to see the bubble it self. We need to see the room size and settings, so we have a clear understanding of the area. This will help Carpetfix and you will receive an accurate quote.

Not So Good Example

carpet with wrinkles left too long, and after the stretch
carpet with wrinkles left too long, and after the stretch
carpet crease
carpet crease

Good Example (wider area)

wrinkles in the hallway
wrinkles in the hallway
too many bubbles in the hallway
too many bubbles in the hallway

if you have other questions for Carpet repairs, stretching, repairing bubbles, wrinkles, basement flood issues, pet damages for Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks area, please send an email. We repair all sorts of stain marks, burn marks, berber snags.