We did it again with this extreme carpet wrinkles stretching. This house was in need of an urgent attention. The wrinkles were bigger than a tsunami.

When we was called to give an estimate, owner told us the wrinkles were big. We didn’t understand at the beginning, but when we’ve arrived, Oh my god…..

Once the carpet has started wrinkling or buckling, the only way to fix the problem is stretching. The carpet will need to be re-stretched in order to fix these issues.

The wrinkles on the carpet were too big, almost 2 inches high. I call this extreme carpet wrinkles.

The initial assessment was wright. Carpet needed to be cut from one critical place. The hallway was the key area to do a good stretch with minimal cuts.

Do carpet wrinkles go away?

If the wrinkles appeared right after a steam cleaning, they might go back to it’s original state. However, the issue is, carpet being loose. If this is not fixed, carpet will be buckling.

How do you smooth out ripples in carpet?

Take a look at the screenshots. Carpet has been cut and stretched and seamed back again.

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