Pattern carpet can be repaired by our expert technician

pattern carpet chemical damage repaired

Some examples to show you what could be done. The pattern match is the most technical and time consuming. Also it requires a bigger piece carpet to extract the correct pattern from the carpet. Carpet patterns repeat every 2-3 feet in both directions, I mean to the width and to the length. Done Right at […]

Examples of a berber carpet snag repair

berber carpet snag

Just wanted to show how a berber carpet snag will be repaired here at Calgary Carpet Repair and Restoration Services AKA The damaged area will be cut out, and the new piece will be inserted into the cut out area. There is always a slight color and texture difference in the new piece, as […]

Carpet bubbles and wrinkles can be flatten by re doing it

using multiple tools for the perfect job

We got a call regarding to bubbles and wrinkles in the two room and a closet. All three spots were in need of a stretch. The seams in the closet area, connecting the closet to the other two rooms needed to be cut, and re-seamed again. After the work has been completed the carpet was […]