Pet Damage

When sending a quote request, please let me know if you have any extra carpet.

Any physical damage to the carpet requires some sort of cutting and repairing that section. This requires some extra carpet, and of course the same type. Most people have some leftovers from the installation. If you don’t have any, it could be taken from a closet, if that is not an option, then you have to provide me carpet unless you want to use what ever I have for a patch.

This will be done with a donor piece. The damaged area will be removed and the new piece will be put in

Let’s take a look at the examples

pet damage
a dog tried to escape
extreme dog damage
pattern carpet repair
pet damage examples
dog damage
cat damage repair
cat damage repaired
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dog damaged carpet repair
berber carpet pull repair
The dog decided to play with the carpet. I fixed it. This is a fine example of a berber carpet
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cat damage
crazy cat
Little cat decided to play with the carpet. The damage was right at the corner off the door. Luckily they
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berber pull
berber carpet repair examples
Here I put some berber carpet repair examples. There are two different job site pictures. One is just a pull,
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dog damaged berber carpet
Pet damaged berber carpet repair
I fixed pet damaged berber carpet the other day. I cut out the damaged area, and put the new piece
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dog damaged carpet repair
Dog damaged carpet
Here is another fine example of what could be done to a dog damaged carpet. I fixed the area with
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cat damage repair
Cat Damaged Carpet
Hello, This morning I fixed a cat damaged carpet. The cat decided to play with the carpet and sharpen her
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dog damaged carpet
Dog Damaged Carpet
I just fixed another dog damaged carpet. Here are the pictures. Tags: dog damage. damaged carpet, dog damaged carpet, carpet
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fixed dog damage on berber carpet
Dog Damage
Don’t leave a dog in a locked room Carpet repair due to a dog damage. This was a berber carpet.
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