The ultimate guide on How To Stretch Carpet by yourself Not

wrinkles in the hallway

Carpet stretching is seen as a simple process by many people. It is not a rocket science, we know that, but it requires hard work, proper tools and a good attitude. Most people are focused on the price, and that’s where it gets tricky. If you already called others, and after so many attempts, the […]

Calgary Carpet re-stretching is known as CarpetFix

carpet re-stretch in a hallway

We were called to fix the wrinkles in the hallway and the living area. The problem The original installer came 3 times to stretch the carpet. Not sure what they did, but obviously they didn’t stretch the carpet, for sure. Owner finally decided to call us. The job involved, some furniture moving and adding extra […]

Carpet Stretching with some furniture in the room

carpet re-stretching examples

Sometimes it is not possible to remove all the furniture out of the room. It could be either not possible, or not really necessary to remove everything out.  In this case, the owner didn’t have the capacity to remove the furniture and after my initial assessment, it wasn’t necessary to remove the bed. So I […]

How to fix Extreme bubble in a small hallway

extreme carpet bubble in hallway

Here is the result of a poor installation. The hallway was 12 feet long maybe, but the bubble was too much for that size. Unbelievable. The process was a bit more complex than a simple stretching. we had to cut the carpet from the middle and reduce the size, and than re join the carpet […]

Carpet stretching on stairs with different tools

carpet stretch on stairs

Providing some carpet stretching on stairs with before and after pictures. Stretching carpet on stairs need experience and patience. Carpet is stapled on the stairs, so it is not the same way as we stretch carpet on the floor. In some cases carpet needs to be cut from the riser and put it back on […]

What caused my carpets to buckle and wrinkle?

extreme bubble removal process

We did it again with this extreme carpet wrinkles stretching. This house was in need of an urgent attention. The wrinkles were bigger than a tsunami. When we was called to give an estimate, owner told us the wrinkles were big. We didn’t understand at the beginning, but when we’ve arrived, Oh my god….. Once […]

How often should carpet need to be restretched?

hallway carpet stretch

If it is done by a professional with a power stretcher, never again. Got to stretch this carpet. Thank you for the other guy not showing up. We are always available for last minute calls. Give us a call, and we will get it straight and flat.

Stretching a carpet in high rise condos and apartments

carpet stretch in a condo

We stretched a terrible looking carpet in a condo building. The previous installer didn’t do a good job, and the carpet was buckled a lot. Here are the before / after shots. Carrying the tools to a condo is half of the battle of a stretch job In some cases, the carpet buckles due to […]

How do we stretch Hallways, does it require cutting?

hallway stretching

Here is a fine example of a hallway stretching. In this case, the hallway was attached into two rooms and the stairwell. Bubble was so big, carpet needed cutting from two different locations. Each doorway usually has a seam anyways. Hallways are always the difficult to stretch, due to the connection with the other rooms. […]