Pattern carpet repair

pattern carpet repairs

This little video is all about showing how the patter carpet is repaired. We had enough carpet and matching the pattern was the challenge.

Pattern carpet can be repaired by our expert technician

pattern carpet chemical damage repaired

Some examples to show you what could be done. The pattern match is the most technical and time consuming. Also it requires a bigger piece carpet to extract the correct pattern from the carpet. Carpet patterns repeat every 2-3 feet in both directions, I mean to the width and to the length. Done Right at […]

How do you repair Berber Carpet damages done by a pet

dog damage

Here is an example of a badly damaged berber type carpet. Before and after pictures will show you the expected results from my work. Berber type carpet could be very difficult to repair and the reason is it’s being flat and cross cuts always makes it visible. That is why you might see some scar […]

How to fix burnt carpet from an iron or heat lamp?

iron burn on berber carpet

If the burn damage is significant, do not waste your time trying to solve the problem with chemicals or trimming it. Carpet needs to be patched at this point A classic iron burn repair. The iron was dropped on the carpet by mistake, and make it’s mark on the carpet right away. W had to […]

How do we repair low pile berber carpet

dog damage carpet around transition area

Low pile berber repair, someone told the owner this can’t be doneā€¦. We were able to help the home owner. We pulled some off the linen closet and repaired the damaged area. We had some similar carpet for the closet and repaired the closet corner as well. Happy customer, happy business.

Examples of a berber carpet snag repair

berber carpet snag

Just wanted to show how a berber carpet snag will be repaired here at Calgary Carpet Repair and Restoration Services AKA The damaged area will be cut out, and the new piece will be inserted into the cut out area. There is always a slight color and texture difference in the new piece, as […]

How to Stop the Dog Damaging your berber carpet

fixed dog damage on berber carpet

Don’t leave a dog in a locked room Carpet repair due to a dog damage. This was a berber carpet. The donor piece was taken from the closet, and was replaced with something similar. But most important piece was the damaged are. It was repaired with the donor piece from the closet. The end result […]

How to clean up the mess left behind a Hookah burn

burn marks on carpet

I just fixed a rental property. Carpet was damaged with the shisha hookah coal burn. Here are the pictures. The process was simple but was tricky. We had to find the exact carpet. There was no carpet, other than under the baseboard heaters. We had to dig out the extra carpet, and also replaced the […]