How to remove a hot pan burn mark from a carpet?

hot pan burn mark repair

You are in rush because your hands are burning. You realized you won’t be able to make it to the balcony to put the hot pan, so you let go and put it on the carpet. Now You have two burns. Your hands and your carpet. I can’t help you for the burnt hands, but […]

What is the Solution for a carpet burn or scorch

burnt carpet repair

Don’t leave your cell phone in the charger and in a soft case, it might catch a fire. This is what happened, and how we fixed it. Carpet repair needs some patience and experience. It is an art… Please contact carpetfix for more information

How to fix damaged carpet in the middle of the room

Damaged area

We got a call to repair this damaged carpet. Somehow the carpet got damaged, We had to cut the area and put the new piece in. The process of fixing damages in the middle of a room It is very difficult to cut the carpet and make a perfect seam, especially in the middle of […]

How to fix burnt carpet from an iron or heat lamp?

iron burn on berber carpet

If the burn damage is significant, do not waste your time trying to solve the problem with chemicals or trimming it. Carpet needs to be patched at this point A classic iron burn repair. The iron was dropped on the carpet by mistake, and make it’s mark on the carpet right away. W had to […]

How to clean up the mess left behind a Hookah burn

burn marks on carpet

I just fixed a rental property. Carpet was damaged with the shisha hookah coal burn. Here are the pictures. The process was simple but was tricky. We had to find the exact carpet. There was no carpet, other than under the baseboard heaters. We had to dig out the extra carpet, and also replaced the […]