Pattern carpet repair

pattern carpet repairs

This little video is all about showing how the patter carpet is repaired. We had enough carpet and matching the pattern was the challenge.

Pet Damage

carpetfix carpet repairs pet damage

Any physical pet damage repairs require some sort of cutting and repairing that section. Things needed for pet damaged carpet repairs This requires some identical extra carpet, which could be found in your furnace room, or in the garage. Please check your house to make sure you have the extra carpet. Most people have some […]

Carpet Fix #1 Pattern carpet repair expert in Calgary

bleached pattern carpet repair

Here is a fine example of a difficult pattern carpet repair. A chemical was spilled on the carpet, which created a permanent scar. The owner was very careful and didn’t scrub the area to get rid off the chemical. We see it quite often, as a first reaction, people scrub off the area, which creates […]

How to restore color after a bleach mark?

bleach mark removal process

If you spilled bleach on the carpet, it is pretty much done. You can not remove this chemical off the carpet after the bleach mark. So it has to be cut out, and put a new piece in. I do not want the carpet to be cut out. What are my options? You can get […]

How to repair carpet gap after Renovation repairs

basement carpet restoration after removal of the walls

After removing the walls and space, this was left behind. I filled the gap with the carpet I was provided. The line you see there is the carpet color difference. The seam was perfect and there was no gap. Renovation repairs are always a challenge, sometimes contractors destroys the carpet The process of repairing carpet […]

What to do after spilling bleach on the carpet?

bleach mark removal

Here are some pictures for this kind of repairs. We are specialized in carpet repairs and bleach stain repair, so if you have any issues and some extra carpet, we will do our best to fix it. What is the process like fixing a bleach stain repair mark It works like this. You supply the […]

Repaired area without carpet is a big challenge

carpet patch work

I had to fix an area where there was some repairs done and a closet was taken out. There was no carpet left after they fixed the area. I had to fill the uncarpeted area with the scrap carpet, that was left from the original installation…Repaired area without carpet is a big challenge If you […]

How to repair a carpet after a wall is removed?

removed wall and filled the gap

Owner did some renos, and the wall was removed. Carpet in between the walls needed to be filled. The extra carpet for some areas came from a closet. The rest, I puled the carpet together and closed the gap. Here are some pictures…

How to remove a hot pan burn mark from a carpet?

hot pan burn mark repair

You are in rush because your hands are burning. You realized you won’t be able to make it to the balcony to put the hot pan, so you let go and put it on the carpet. Now You have two burns. Your hands and your carpet. I can’t help you for the burnt hands, but […]

Who is the #1 Carpet Restoration Service in Calgary

basement carpet restoration after removal of the walls

In this case, the walls were taken down and created a bigger living space. It was fine, but the carpet needed some attention. They had some carpet left over, and with the extra piece taken from the closet, I was able to patch the bald spots. Carpet restoration services is your key for a success. […]