Carpet repair install services

installing the new carpet for the living room

carpet repair install services We offer carpet repair install services. Installation is limited and partial. When we say partial install services, we mean installing stairs, or one or two room basis. We do not do full house installation. There are carpet supply shops out there, who can sell you the carpet and get it installed […]

Repaired area without carpet is a big challenge

carpet patch work

I had to fix an area where there was some repairs done and a closet was taken out. There was no carpet left after they fixed the area. I had to fill the uncarpeted area with the scrap carpet, that was left from the original installation…Repaired area without carpet is a big challenge If you […]

Who is the #1 Carpet Restoration Service in Calgary

basement carpet restoration after removal of the walls

In this case, the walls were taken down and created a bigger living space. It was fine, but the carpet needed some attention. They had some carpet left over, and with the extra piece taken from the closet, I was able to patch the bald spots. Carpet restoration services is your key for a success. […]

Water-damaged carpet installation and stretch in the basement

water problem in the basement

I finished a room in the basement. There was a water leakage, and the contractor, cut the carpet from the door entrance. I had to repair the seam, put the carpet back into the room and install the missing underlay. The seam work was done excellent. I was able to put the seam together where […]