Carpet Repairs

I’ve gathered some carpet repair examples from my jobs. These examples will give you an idea. Each carpet repair example is taken from the actual jobs site, and as per customer’s need for the carpet repair.

I am pretty sure your carpet repair needs will fall into one of those carpet repair examples. Carpet repair examples will guide you to what to expect from the repair. Please take a look at each carpet repair example and let me know when to book your appointment.

All carpet repairs will start with consultation. Once I receive the pictures from you, I will asses the situation, and will give you my recommendation. Some repairs could be done without any visible clues, and some with some minor visible seams. All depends on the carpet type, the age and condition of the carpet, the donor piece I get. I will discuss the issues before I start doing the repair.

pattern carpet chemical damage
pattern carpet chemical damage repaired
pet damage
little burn mark removed
dog damage and repair examples
nail polish mark removal
pet damage examples
iron burn on berber carpet
makeup removal
pattern carpet repair
berber seam repair examples
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carpet restoration removal of the carpet for the patch job
Carpet Restoration Examples
Here is a fine example of carpet restoration. This job required to take the clean parts of the living room
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bleach mark
Several Bleach Mark Removal
I  had to swap those bleach mark areas with some pieces from the closet. Bleach mark could be removed from
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calgary carpet repairs pet damage examples
Calgary Carpet Repair pet damaged stair examples
In this example, cats destroyed couple of stairs in this house. The damage was extensive, and they had a lot
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bleach mark removal
Calgary Carpet Repairs Bleach Mark Removal
Here is a fine example of the process for removing bleach marks from a carpet.
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