carpet repair install services

We offer carpet repair install services. Installation is limited and partial. When we say partial install services, we mean installing stairs, or one or two room basis. We do not do full house installation. There are carpet supply shops out there, who can sell you the carpet and get it installed for you. We recommend Deerfoot Carpet for all your carpet supply needs.

What about the bigger local shops, or the builder?

However, the big shops, do not give any service for repairs. This is where we step in. Even if you get the carpet installed from one of the local shops, they might not get in to stretch the carpet, especially after the warranty. We can take of this. Sometimes, with new homes, the builder will leave you abandoned and will not response to your carpet related problems. You can try, and fight, or get over with it and call us.

Pet damages or any other water leak problems in the basement

Pets are great family members for most of us. They are little kids, and will remain like that for the rest of their life span. So if they behave mischievous or a bit out of ordinary, we can handle the results.

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pet damage repairs
pet damage