All my repair examples are down below the slide show. Click to the one you want to see in details.

Cat Damage Repair

We love our pets, but sometimes…. Cat Damage Repair We all get board, so does the pets. In this example the cat was boar or stressed and decided to play with the landing area carpet. Luckily they had extra carpet and we were able to repair the damage seamlessly.  

Burnt Carpet Repair

Don’t leave your phone in the charger and in a soft case, it might catch a fire. This is what happened, and how I fixed it.

Extreme bubble in a small hallway

Here is the result of a poor installation. The hallway was 12 feet long maybe, but the bubble was too much for that size. Unbelievable.

pattern carpet repair

Pattern carpet repair is a time consuming repair. It requires patience and expertise. I’ve seen examples, where the home owner tried to fix a heavily patterned carpet. The result was an eye sore. So they called me to repair it properly.   In this example, the dog tried to escape from the room, and wrecked […]

Repair examples

Some examples to show you what could be done. The pattern match is the most technical and time consuming. Also it requires a bigger piece carpet to extract the correct pattern from the carpet. Carpet patterns repeat every 2-3 feet in both directions, I mean to the width and to the length. 

Removed wall repair

They removed the walls and left behind was the bald spots on the carpet. I was called to repair this with the carpet removed from one of the rooms. The end result was stunning. [foogallery id=”1858″]

Nail polish mark removal

Nail Polish Mark removal services at your disposal. Sometimes it happens, we all make mistakes. Nail polish mark removal ?? Maybe the nail polish bottle was dropped or it just dripped. It made a red mark on the carpet and needed to be removed. I cut out the mark and put a piece from the […]

Pet Damaged Carpet Examples

Here are the before after shots of a pet damage repair. [foogallery id=”1603″]

Carpet stretching on stairs

[foogallery id=”1481″]   I am providing some carpet stretching on stairs with before and after pictures. Stretching carpet on stairs need experience and patience. Carpet is stapled on the stairs, so it is not the same way as we stretch carpet on the floor. In some cases carpet needs to be cut from the riser […]

Extreme carpet wrinkles stretching

I did it again with this extreme carpet wrinkles stretching. This house was in need of an urgent attention. The wrinkles were bigger than a tsunami. When I was called to give an estimate, owner told me the wrinkles were big. I didn’t understand at the beginning, but when I’ve arrived, Oh my god….. The […]

Squeaky Floor Repair

floor squeak repair calgary Each squeak is unique. Before starting the squeaky floor repair job, we will determine the best course of action. For sure we will be lifting the carpet to see what is going on. Pricing is somewhat depends on the process. At the end it will still be way cheaper than hiring […]

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Repair Examples

I try to take before and after pictures for some of the amazing examples to give you an idea of what could be done. Each repair work is unique. Repair work quality depends on many things, like : age of the carpet, type of the carpet, donor piece quality, donor piece matching with the current carpet, high versus low traffic area.