Squeaky Floor Repair

floor squeak repair calgary
floor squeak repair calgary

Squeaky floors are annoying. To see the subfloor, we will be lifting up the carpet and the underlay to see the joists and we will be putting lots of screws to get rid off the squeak. To do this we will require you to empty the space as much as possible. In some cases we will be removing the baseboards with your permission. So be prepared for that. But at the end it will be worth the effort.

Let’s read on, to see the process of the squeaky floor repair

In this example, we exposed the squeaky area by moving the carpet. But we had to remove the baseboards, cut the drywall behind the baseboard and fix the floor. It sounds too complicated, but it wasn’t that bad. We totally removed the squeak. Please take a look another example in —-> here

Each squeak is unique. Before starting the squeaky floor repair job, we will determine the best course of action. For sure we will be lifting the carpet to see what is going on. Pricing is somewhat depends on the process. At the end it will still be way cheaper than hiring a contractor or a company (if you are lucky to find one). There is a minimum charge for this process.