How it is Done

I do not provide any carpet dye services nor cleaning. This is not my area.


Any physical damage to the carpet requires some sort of cutting and repairing that section. This requires some extra carpet, and of course the  same type. Most people have some left overs from the installation. If you don’t have any, it could be taken from a closet, if that is not an option, than you have to provide me carpet, unless you want to use what ever I have for a patch.


Pet damage or any kind of physical damage to the carpet

This will be done with a donor piece. The damaged area will be removed and the new piece will be put in

dog damaged carpet
dog damaged carpet
pet damage on stairs
pet damage on stairs

Stain,bleach or any kind of stain removal

Well this is not any different than the first one. I will cut out the damaged area and put back a new donor piece.
carpet repair examples

Stretching bubbles and wrinkles

I will use power stretcher for the bigger areas and most of the rooms. Sometimes i use knee kicker for closets and tight spaces. The tools I use …..


tools i use to stretch the carpet


Fixing seam issues

I repair the seams with a variety of tools. Sometimes it is a matter of cutting the seam and putting a new piece in or if the seam is not damaged too much, just re-seaming it again will solve the problem.

berber carpet seam repairbubbles,wrinkles



seam issue on berber carpet
seam issue on berber carpet

 Carpet Transition Issues

The following example is where two different type of carpet connected together, or carpet ends at the door step with a metal transition. In either case, you could have a seam or transition issue or like the one here, a pet damage. I will need extra carpet to repair the damage. Here is an example, before and after pictures attached.

carpet transition issues
carpet transition issues

Squeaky Floors or stairs

Sometimes in the middle of the night you want to be quiet and want to go to the bathroom. But your squeaky floor tells everyone 🙂

The only way to fix this remedy is, lift the carpet up and attach the subfloor to the joist with a proper screw. To do that, depending on the squeak location, I might need to cut the current seam and lift the carpet. Usually the seams are just at the doorstep. Once it is fixed, the carpet will be put back again, stretched and fixed.

Now nobody will know, you are walking in the middle of the night.

Here is how it looks during the search of the squeak.