Carpet Stretching


Carpet stretching will be done with Power Stretcher. What causes carpet rippling and having bubbles? All my carpet stretching jobs, well 95% revealed to much carpet under the baseboard, and the original stretch work has not been done properly. All the excess carpet under the baseboard, over the time and the usage, will eventually come out. The excess carpet will start moving in to the middle of the room, and will cause the ripple or bubbles.

Carpet stretching should be done ASAP. The more you postponed the stretch, the more damage occurs on the carpet. Later years, the damage becomes permanent, and even a carpet stretch job will not be able to remove the scar from the carpet.

Carpet stretching should be done before the carpet cleaning, so the bubbles will be taken out, and the cleaning job will remove the dirt from the carpet easily. Also if the carpet is damp or wet, carpet stretching might damage the wet carpet. Carpet backing is more vulnerable when it is wet.

Carpet stretching is done properly, when the room is clear from the heavy furniture. Light furniture could be moved around during the carpet stretching, but heavy items will cause problems. The best way is remove the furniture, and the job will be done properly.

All carpet stretching will be done with a power stretcher, like the one below.

power stretcher


crain knee kicker

This is a you tube example of a properly done carpet re-stretch and elimination of the bubbles. Also this is how i do it.
Carpet stretching with power stretcher.