Carpet Installation

Carpet installation services at its best. You can have your own carpet or get the best priced carpet and underlay from me. I will do the carpet installation for you. Carpet installation should be done by a professional installer. This will avoid bubbles and wrinkles in the future. I provide the carpet installation services with a high quality labor and materials. I do not rush the job, take the time and pay attention to the details. Carpet Installation goes smooth, if the prep work is done right. I will not cut corners to finish the job quickly. If it takes 1.5 days, than it takes 1.5 days. Carpet installation requires knowledge,expertise and years of practice. No carpet installation is good without the proper tools. Bigger rooms will be stretched with a power stretcher to give tight uniform stretch.
Properly installed carpet will have no problems for a long time. Seams will be done with high quality seaming tape. This ensures good connection. Quality carpet could be provided, with a high quality underlay. Underlay is Stain Master Odor Guard Underlay, will provide years of soft feel. I turn the ugly-looking concrete floors, to beautiful,soft and warm living places. For landlords and entry-level homes, I provide Aladdin SP-130 or SP-135 type carpet, for quality and affordability. Most places will give you a quote higher than mine, and still can not provide the same quality underlay and carpet I supply and install. Choose your carpet and installer wisely.

Carpet Installation With Kool Glide

All my carpet installations are done with Kool Glide Carpet Seaming System. It is green and No Odor, No Mess, Superior Seams, No Kidding.

carpet installation services for calgary do not use Conventional seaming iron
Conventional seaming iron, inferior seams with messy wax and odor
carpet installation calgary with Kool Glide Carpet Seaming System
Kool Glide seaming system, no odor, no mess, superior seam every time

Some examples from the earlier installations below…

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